Tuesday, February 16, 2010

the turn around dance

do a brand new dance

180 degrees
turn night into day

twirling on tiptoes
a feather drops on the floor
tutu fairy flies

see the tricky fox
heyokah teacher tells us
turn it upside down


Devika said...

Great movement here, Janet :)


borut said...

Very Amerindian, simply mysteriuous: a jigsaw puzzle!?:) (Just my – an outsider’s point of view)!?:)

Janet said...

Thanks Devika :-)

borut- one of the ceremonies we did when I was studying the shamanic path was picking our "turn around phrase". It involved moving in a circle and winding up to the statement which was our greatest hindrance. Then unwinding (turning around)and circling in the reverse direction until a power statement to undo the hindrance came up. The circular movement (dance)was very trance-like. Definitely solving a puzzle. I liken it to your "opposite of the donkey's desire"
And "Heyokah" is a kind of teacher who teaches by turning things upside down, or tricks you into learning.

borut said...

I see… I see the logic: in Don Juan’s lineage it’s called ‘not-doing’ – doing the reverse of what one is accustomed to doing… To give our ordinary self (there called ‘the human form’) a shock, and, ultimately, with the aid of a ‘seeing’ teacher and a number of other techniques, to shake it off… Yes, like shaking a donkey off one’s shoulders!:)

Janet said...

They idealize the state of "not caring, not doing", which is connected to the assemblage point known as "no pity"

To me this is very Zen-like; the place of non-attachment.