Monday, February 22, 2010

finally a pearl

Neptune's mighty fork
eagerly spears trespassers
no wisdom for them!

from desert to deep
knowledge lies hidden away
water or sand both work

mysteries unfold
and some questions must be asked
many many times

how many oysters
are opened and found empty?
finally a pearl!


Devika said...

Good sets, Janet

I don't know what works....for the engineer in me, water and sand both have their roles and a must :)

Though I enjoy the joy of the last one...loved that second last one! :)


Janet said...

Thanks D.

Water and sand together make building materials for structures. :-)

Janet said...

this comes from the fact that I seem to keep asking the same question over and over. eventually I hope to find the answer (pearl)

borut said...

The journey: from pearly finality to ‘finally pearly…!?:)

Janet said...

From my friend Mushtaq's translation of a lesser known Sufi poet (Hakim Sana'i)

"If you seek a pearl
you must leave the desert
And travel to the seashore

Then, even if never find the
Gem you see in your minds eye,
You will have, never the less,
Succeeded in reaching the Ocean"

borut said...

Hitching through Europe
With a hippie from Japan
Coming from Nepal…*

How to look for pearls
Without getting to the sea…
Belief as a means.

Thinking of Sanai…
Why has a light bulb burned out!?
Is this an omen?


Janet said...

the smell of sulfur
a match scratches on my boot
darkness now abates

water all around
a sandy peninsula
Sanai knows his pearls

borut said...

It must be the Earth.
The room is dark and shaking.
Sodomy unearthed.

(February 24, 2010: an earthquake and a local story with a touch of universality juxtaposed)

Word verification: ‘crygdow’ (cry god, now)