Tuesday, February 9, 2010

baring my soles

the trouble with shoes
is when I have too many
and still long for more

high heels, lotus toes
always going downhill, so
hobbled by beauty

heavy leather boots
do they keep feet protected
from the elements?

under leather straps
my poor soles long for freedom
please let the air in

throw them away now!
a taste of reality
comes with touching ground

unburdened and free
there's space in my closet now
just one pair remains


Devika said...

Interesting story Janet....and i liked the second last much :)


borut said...

Soles to walk about,
A body of people and
Souls to walk about…

Janet said...

Thanks Devika!


talking about soul:
is it victory or de' feet,
that move us forward?

borut said...

Feet move step by step:
The victory of defeat
Is a soulful feat.