Wednesday, February 24, 2010

today is special

notepad in my hand
an apron around my waist
a diner looks at me

she said: make mine with
extra ordinary, but
put it on the side

that love is
too spicy to eat
all at once

whatever you want
it's all yours for the asking
try today's special?


borut said...

Today is special. Yesterday is dead. Tomorrow is not born yet.

Janet said...

I'll get that for you right away;-)

Devika said...

Interesting, Janet...the women's world of cooking and poetry ! :)

Today's special
is last night's
chappatti and chicken


Janet said...

D~ I was reading that restaurant specials are to be avoided because they are usually the thing that's about to go "bad". But your chappatti and chicken sounds lovely:-)