Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the moon and I

The moon and I laugh

together we light the night
we don't mind pointing

the moon and I shine
bounce light off sparkly fresh snow
we're like diamonds

the moon and I hide
clothed in clouds we're shy tonight
see you tomorrow


Devika said...

hahaha!! You made me laugh, Janet :)

Ask me why?

coz'the sky is so high
and I am so shy
in the month of July!

And, its all big lie
i just don't know why


borut said...

Just for the fun of it: paraphrasing a Mulla Nasrudin joke!:)

What’s the Old Moon’s fate?! (Questioner) It’s cut into forty stars. (Nasrudin) Answering a fool. (The Moral)

Janet said...

We finally are having a good snow storm, and I was compelled to be out in it last night. Foolish or not, it was the first time in quite a while that I chose to bundle up and be out in the sparkly storminess just for the fun of it.

Janet said...
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