Sunday, February 14, 2010


mastering shadows
contrast light against dark

Invictus! the cry

an old soul undefeated

bloody and unbowed

brilliant strategy

unite hearts around the ball
circle of life

empty the red pail
toss the scraps onto the pile
sprinkle with ashes


Devika said...

Love the strategy here :)


I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

I have carried this in my head for long.....until one day death came for a visit...when i saw my mother praying for my life -- Then it became like:

Oh God!

You are the master of my fate:
You are the captain of my soul.
Let me know what I am to do
from time to time

Then I went to read the poem again....and realised it started with thanking the gods for the inconquerable soul! :)

empty the red pail
toss the scraps onto the pile
sprinkle with ashes

what is that about --reminded of the last rites of Hindus ??


Janet said...

D~ I just saw the film Invictus - about Nelson Mandela, who took comfort in this poem while he was imprisoned for 30 years.

He was a brilliant strategist who upon taking power, used rugby (the ball) to unite the extremely divided nation.

The "circle of life" in the red pail is my compost bucket. Kind of like the last rite indeed.

Janet said...

Loved your story about the poem in your life- thank you for sharing the circle path you walked.

Devika said...

ah ha! that makes full sense....its always better to understand more :)

Not seen the movie....Games have their significance in national integration....but India is all about cricket now -- A game played by 11 fools all day and watched upon by 11,000 someone said :)


Devika said...

Yes, mine is almost a third circle of life now....One who has seen my horoscope and hand says, my fate was written when Siva had a tiff with Parvati -- small criss crosses all the way....can't say how many more deaths in this life...until the final call :))


borut said...

Be that as it may,
He is unconquered who rides
The ass of passions.

Note: Not the other way round, with the ass riding the man.

Janet said...

third cycle-- like the three stages of womanhood- maiden/mother/crone? You don't seem that old ;-)

the gods and goddesses are not so different from us- arguing and bickering. did we make them in our image or vice versa?

I like the image of criss crossing lines.

Every breath is a little death.

Janet said...

borut~ Heh!

As the late Jesuit priest Father Anthony deMello said:

"I'm an ass! You're an ass!"

I think there's no escaping it. Perhaps we tie the camel and untie the ass? ;-)

Devika said...

I am 41, going on 14 :))

yes, as nature's more signifcant lesson -- any thing having life, lives and dies deep breath and I prepare for death again :)


borut said...

Perhaps there’s no escaping it, but, then again, there’s Rumi who said: If you don’t know the way, do the reverse of that which your donkey wants (you – in so far as a donkey, the donkey in you) !?:)

Janet said...

do a brand new dance
180 degrees
turn night into day

borut said...

Truth of Mardi Gras:
Donkeys talk of sex and food,
Hee-haw, hee-haw, hee…

Note: This was my attempt to stop the intellectualizing of my donkey, trying to make it less intellectual and bring it down to its natural condition. Doing the reverse of what it wants: intellectualizing!:)

Janet said...

sex and food
very fun topics
count me in

my passions unconquered
let them ride an old donkey
through the streets tonight

peering through the bars
is that freedom just out there?
or is it within?


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