Friday, February 12, 2010

this old heart

sometimes this old heart
wants a little tenderness
just can't take a joke

chocolate is good
85% pure dark
but it's not a kiss

what are these silly
illusions of happiness?
but blinders on now


Devika said...

Waging and old -- nah nah nah nah :))

think about happiness and you aren't happy anymore -- so i think :)


Janet said...

D- when I'm sensitive, I can't handle feels like sharp barbs.

borut said...

Caught as I am in the web of associative thinking, I will add this (brackets are my addition:)

To (s)end a kiss by
A personal messenger
(A Sufi adage).

Janet said...

the sending
can be the ending
can it not?


borut said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
borut said...

A kiss, when too long,
Can be just another form
Of a kiss of death!?:)

upwoods said...

The heart wanting some tenderness...times when we just need to sink into the realness of that. Isn't it interesting how sometimes we can love that teasing exchange, but other times it's just too much?

Devika said...

Oh no....My affection is all about teasing...the more close I am, the more I tease :)

will take care in future, dear Janet :)


Janet said...

kathy~ yep!

devika~ that wasn't directed at you, my friend. it's all good :-)

Devika said...

thanks, dear :)


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