Thursday, February 4, 2010

soft power

something approaches
soft pink light is sliding
on the horizon

canyons out of rock
dissolve instead of slashing
water always wins

purrs against my leg
gets the kitty a good skritch
sooner than biting


Devika said...

Love the soft power of the sets, Janet :)

Like it when power when is soft -- wind, water or people :)


Janet said...

they say if you don't bend you break, eh Devika? another form of soft power is flexibility.


Devika said...

Yes Janet, that was one of my first lessons fron nature.....when i compared a blade of grass and the huge stubborn a storm :)

then later in a children's book i found such a story :-)


borut said...

Ah, this thing called man:
So highly predictable –
Like a Soft Machine.

Janet said...

mechanized and soft
that's how things fit together
cushioning life's blows

borut said...
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borut said...

Sing, (sing more) softly,
A samurai lives next door,
(Don't you know,) cuckoo!?