Saturday, March 28, 2009

zen noir

I see how it is

tea, women & oranges
best weapons ever


Devika said...

Good one, Janet
though Zen makes me laugh many a times! :)


Devika said...

But thinking of it....

If all the people in the world live loving each other..whats the need for a weapon!

Zen calls for weapons?
seriously, I am not fully conversant with Zen philo..i find most of these philosophies a bit impractical...

have some crank philosophers and saints in my own family...who only gave pain to the family :)


Janet said...


this was inspired by the extremely weird film, "zen noir" in which tea, oranges and a woman were the instruments/weapons of awakening.

and as for zen weapons....hell yeah! those zen masters get to hit their students with sticks all the time.
my teacher gripes at times that he wishes he was a zen teacher so he could hit me;-)

Devika said...

i think many wanted to beat me, their look out is to pinch ;-))


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ha! I like it. :)