Tuesday, March 17, 2009

for that highest price
perhaps, on a hill with you
magic could happen


Devika said...

shall we climb?? :)

i had vertigo...and used to have a rope around my waist pegged safely when I would climb tall buildings....years before when I worked as an engineer....

Now I don't know if I have the trouble...its been long since I climbed heights...

My blah blah sure spoils the magical mood of the haiku. :))

but can't hold my tongue at time! :)

lovely haiku, Janet


Janet said...

I too have fear of heights, Devika. But I've done a little climbing with ropes- nothing too high. Going up is not so bad as coming back down. Leaning back into the rappelle - yikes!

And this too for love I think.

Devika said...


to me it doesn't matter anyways,

At heights -- if I am free enough-- I only think of God and death! :)


Borut said...

Thinking of St George, called Green George (Zeleni Jurij) in Slovenian and The Green One in the Middle East... The patron saint of England, and of Sufis!?:))

Janet said...

I am familiar with the pagan Green Man, or the masculine nature spirits, but will have to learn more about this Green One of the Sufi's.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

yes, it might. :)

Borut said...

In Arabic he is called Khidr. In the books of Idries Shah there are many stories about him. He is said to be an entity that will come to help the seekers of truth when they are in real trouble. But only it their search for truth is really sincere.
It reminds me irresistibly of another such entity, Mescalito, who teaches men how to live wisely, and whom Amerindian
shamans seek to contact in their mitotes – meetings during which mescaline is ritually ingested.

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