Thursday, March 12, 2009

ray of light

bring them to the light
these hidden motivations
look but do not judge

there's really no rush
but everyone still hurries
slow the moment down

prismatic essence
rays angle and reflect love
even when I hide


FastDart said...

I love your magical mirror..

Janet said...

thank you:-)

Devika said...

Oh another fine work, Janet :)

"look but do not judge" and the last set -- just loved it! :)

second too -- its a message the world needs today :)


Janet said...

Hey Devika~ I visited one of your blogs and really enjoyed what I read, but comments were closed. So just to let you know I was there:-)

Devika said...

Oh so nice Janet :)

always loved to have comments there..but then lately had to deal with many disturbing and distracting had to close...

it was affecting my mind, health, and work :)


Janet said...

oh dear! I'm so sorry.

well, we must keep our sanity, (or find it if it has gone walkabout) one way or the other.

Devika said...

Right, Janet :)


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