Friday, March 27, 2009


look at how he swims!
the happiest little frog
knows not to worry

anchors a-wait-less
floating free without a care
this is how to fly

stop your holding on
he who would live happily
changes frequently


Borut said...

Let go of not-being). Change. Be. Three anchors of wisdom!:)

Janet said...

thanks borut~ they are some weighty anchors, no? ;-)

FastDart said...

Simply to float free
reflecting rainbows on a
soapy thin bubble.

Most excellent observation.
Deepest bows

Janet said...

bubble on

Devika said...

Much reality, in these...yet inclined to talk more...

1. on the land or in water, a frog has nothing to worry...and it knows:)

I am very much for that state of mind....and finding happiness within

2. free floating -- the virtual space offers that freedom for us...

3. he or she -- one is the most happiest to live with no strings attached....yet, society has ways and its set of rules....the more the rules, its broken within oneself...

and change -- its the most permanent thing in life :)


Devika said...

the more the rules, the more it's broken within oneself...

Janet said...

devika~ Thanks for the thoughts..
the land (our body), the water (our emotions) they work together, eh? hopefully in harmony:-)

and (sigh) always with the society to impose its rules. we must be rebels in order to find freedom and wholeness.

Devika said...

harmony -- that word is too alluring, but many a times evasive...

I strive hard, but water (emotions) constituting about 60 percent of the whole body...the balance many a times tilted!! :)

and rebel -- I am --born to a rebel (Communist) father....but most of the time dormant, especially after marriage :)


Janet said...

yes! the balance is challenging when we are creatures of water. I think that for me that's the big reason for needing lots of steps on the earth to remind me of the body.

and yes, to your remark about change being the constant. a great zen teacher, adyashanti, says we suffer when we try to get the impermanence to stop moving. I think that makes sense.

Janet said...

oh, and one more thing: I have a feeling the rebel is one way or have the mind and ideas of a rebel and this is good:-)

Devika said...

yeah, very much, Janet... thanks:)