Thursday, March 5, 2009

rocky mountain high

cheery red berries
wrinkled by winter's ravage

one points up, one down

I think the tree sees
slowly and with purity

patience is its crown

lichen grips the stone
but it seems like a sea shell

misplaced on dry land

glorious breakfast view
coffee tasted much better

when sipped on your couch


Borut said...
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Borut said...

Learning from rocks, trees and berries: in the true spirit of Amerindian seers!:) Red berries caught my attention in particular. Like human beings: men tend to delve into cosmic mysteries; women into matters of survival!?:) Could be a good illustration of Mohammed’s saying: Trust in God (like an abstract-thinking man), but tie your camel first (like a practical woman)!?:)

Janet said...

Borut~ I have been told I'm fairly impractical at times....mostly to do with my shoes;-)

At the same time, I'm reminded of the "in-y" and "out-y" of women and men. We tend to be tenders, caring for our spaces and children. Men are out there wrasslin' with the beasties and protecting the home- that's rather practical I think.

I like the quote about gods and camels...

"Men act and women appear."
~John Berger

Devika said...

Fanatastic series, Janet
especially loved the photos...

& Borut is with his usual man/woman and God commentary --

Men act and women appear --Oh, so true! :))


FastDart said...

innies ~ outies and the paradox between the sexes.
The message I received from the pictures and words is one of balance.
It reminds me to enjoy the ride of the pendulum as it swings between the opposites of human nature.
Thank you for the experience.

Janet said...

Larry~ you are always welcome to swing on by:-)

Devika~ I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. and as for Borut...what more is there besides man, woman & god ;-)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, Janet. The haiku and the photos just dance together. The red font of the words is also striking. For some odd reason I'm thinking how fun it would be to enjoy a morning cup of coffee in a tree. (however it has to get warmer here first...) Cheers!