Tuesday, March 2, 2010

to the yard

December move-in

many things were hidden then
under winter's coat

take off you white robe
and let me see your body
I want to know more

snow melting away
earth emerges from beneath
who is living there?

beside the green house
small green things are popping
and saying hello


borut said...

To the yard? ... Hello spring! To hell with winter!?:)

Janet said...

I am torn between my longing for spring and getting to know the yard that is new to me, and my desire to get out on cross country skis some more. What a dilemma that either would be wonderful...and I have no control over which it will be :-)

borut said...

However amazing, a maze is a maze!?:)

Janet said...

labyrinth in ink
there is an amazing maze
on my third chakra

borut said...

Well, we’re in a fix:
Talking to one’s heart’s content,
Still, discontented!?:(

Janet said...

Australian Peter Fenner's "Radiant Mind" is very good non-dual practice. More of the same Let-everything-be-as-it-is kinda stuff, but I like his take on it. The notion that nothing has to change remains one with which I haven't entirely connected. And that doesn't have to change either;-)