Monday, March 15, 2010

special talents

Carry on Tuesday #44 ~
This week our prompt is the opening of
Isabel Allende’s 1999 novel
Daughter of Fortune

Everyone is born with some special talent

daughter of fortune:
with your gem encrusted touch
you leap into life

to those without grace
nevertheless, a gift falls
pick it up and run!

everyone is born
to specialize in something
what is your talent?


borut said...


I seem to live in a separate reality, in which one comes across jokes such as this:

In a written exam there was this question: What is rabies and what can be done about it? A schoolboy answered: ‘Rabies is Jewish priests, and there is nothing you can do about it.’

Janet said...

Rabies as a talent?...I think maybe more a curse.

Funny! :-)

borut said...

In the context of studies about Sufism, where this joke has been used to illustrate the working of the human mind, the following could be said: So long as a would-be seeker of truth holds to his (or her) unshakeable beliefs (rabbi = Jewish priest) about the nature of spirituality and, as you mention it, his supposed talents with regard to it, he is unable to exercise common sense (rabies) and to identify the basic obstacles on the way to self-development that have to be dealt with before anything really spiritual can be tackled… This is how in some circles stories are used: as tools enabling one to identify our often fallacious patterns of thought and action, and to correct them… Riches (our talents) lie deep in the sea; but, if you see safety, it is on the shore (of our world of assumptions about the nature of something, let’s say talents, which lies in a totally different realm (deep in the sea)…

Janet said...

talent or rabies
I'm doing my thing on air
musical collage


Stan Ski said...

Talent can be displayed for bad as well as good intent.

Janet said...

Welcome Stan~ you're absolutely, right!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I especially love....

"pick it up and run!"

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie.

Yes, why fool around? Might as well go for it!

b said...

to those without grace
nevertheless, a gift falls
pick it up and run!

How could there be any better advice. A found talent (money?) is just a valuable as an inherited one.


to those without grace
nevertheless, a gift falls
pick it up and run!

Rob said...

I enjoyed this, well done...

Image & Verse

Janet said...

hi b~ found money is way more fun than inherited.

Rob ~ thank you :-)

Marinela Reka said...

I really enjoyed this one,very well done :)

Lilibeth said...

I like the way you've pictured a gift falling. So many don't pick it up and run because they are looking in the grass for a better gift.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this. And believe we are all born with some special talent or talents, as well. But to actually name what it might be...challenging!