Saturday, March 27, 2010

each the love

Prompted from Carry on Tuesday:
"We are each the love of someone’s life"

we are each the love
that makes somebody's heart sing
I know it is true

somewhere a song lifts

the soul's longing for true love

a minor refrain

blistering guitar
and sultry vocals crooning

tell me it could be true

match made in heaven
like the singer and the song

where is my grace note?

end of a long search
turning around, there you are

let's sing together


Stan Ski said...

'Together' works for me.

Anonymous said...

oh I love haiku
how is it I have not found
your website before?

Janet said...

stan~ together is what makes that crazy quantum math happen- 1+1=3

erin~ welcome, and thanks for your kind words :-)

sg beatty said...

nice poetry. your writing is smooth and easy to read and follow but it still makes me think. Old Grizz approves

Janet said...

Grizz~ thanks very much:-)

Melissa said...

minor refrain, blistering guitar -- am in -- not to mention Santana

Janet said...

Melissa~ Carlos' guitar definitely lifts my soul too. :-)

Anonymous said...

A+..not only was this a great read, you used at least 2 of my very favorite words!

Janet said...

which words were those? sultry and blistering?
thanks for stopping by:-)

Cassiopeia Rises said...

This is very nice. Good job and a great read.