Tuesday, March 9, 2010

the pearl you seek

if you seek freedom

get out of the comfort zone
take a leap of faith

a new path beckons
get lost in the unknown space
find the pearl you seek

the essence of the truth
(and what is that anyway?)
open the shell and sea!


borut said...

The folklore of fish mentions things like ‘sea’ and ‘pearl’,I, the shell, don’t see!?:)

Janet said...

I see...:-)pearls as the eyes of a sea shell?

borut said...

According to a saying fish are the least reliable source of information on water. We’re talking about man, of course, and his separation from his source of being in the world out there. Similarly, it could be said that oysters, if they have one, know next to nothing about the pearl in them. Translated into the context of human beings: men and women ordinarily know little or nothing about their inner reality, their potential inner worth…

Word verification: CATIN = (The) Cat In. What does a cat know about the CAT withIN? The ‘cat-ness’ of the ‘cat’? Similarly: What does a man know about ‘the essence of man’?

Janet said...

I like the practice of sitting down with paper and trying to write one true thing. Keep taking apart the suppositions and carving away assumptions to get down to the pearl, which of course cannot be written.

borut said...

Well said, well done!:)

Janet said...

easier said than done;-)