Sunday, March 21, 2010

open-mouthed with joy

[from Carry On Tuesday]
This week our prompt is the opening of the poem
The Poet and his Song by Paul Laurence Dunbar

"A song is but a little thing,
And yet what joy it is to sing!"

black fingers spread wide
the crow swooped across the road
open-mouthed with joy

one note symphony
a song is but a little thing
cawing's how he sings


Stan Ski said...

I like how you condensed the song to a single note.

sg beatty said...

you must have a heart of pure gold. I have never found music in the cawing of a crow. Because of you I will listen harder.

Janet said...

Stan: your comment inspired me to add the vid for "one note samba"
Not that a crow has ever been compared to Ella Fitzgerald.

Rob said...

Nor Ella to a crow -- ;) I enjoyed your haiku's, well written...
Image & Verse

Janet said...

grizz: our ears are conditioned as humans to hear things in a certain way.

rob: nice turnaround :-)

Carina said...

I like it. An unexpected song.

Melissa said...

missed this last week, thank you for drawing me back... for this, and for the song (and I always know that spring has come when I hear the first crow)

Anonymous said...

Carry On Tuesday has a new address!Hope to see you there.