Wednesday, October 1, 2008


there's definitely
a difference between them
cholla & ice cream


Borut said...

I have a cholla (yellow blooming opuntia) at home, and I know what an ice-cream is as well: there's definitely a difference between them. A whole world of difference!:) But I probably missed you point (of difference)!?:(

Janet said...

it came from a conversation about being dissatisfied with events in life... if you want ice cream and end up with an ass full of cactus prickles, it's better to think about extracting the spines rather than longing for ice cream:-)

Borut said...

True. I-scream logic at its best!:)
Reminds me irresistibly of a story told by Carlos Castaneda: of exactly 46 cactus prickles that remained with him after he had landed on cactus in a desert ravine, and how one of them came out of him only years later...

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

ha! :)
(if the ice cream was good enough, I could ignore the spines. :)

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