Monday, September 29, 2008

no cringing

meeting the shadow

it's mostly water & sand

encircled by light


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I like how L1 connects with L3

kouji said...

slick image here. :O

magiceye said...


Borut said...

Oh, man!?:)

Quite Biblical, Koranic even...

The Creation of Man (guidelines):

(1) You take 'earth', add some water, and you have it, clay!

(2) You fashion this according to your own image, and, now, you really have it: an earthly man!:))

(3) Time for real problems: What to do, given the cosmic scheme of things, with an 'earthly man'!?:)

Janet said...

thanks all!
B~ I like your creationist interp. it could be the lead in to where I was coming from;-) for me this was about encounters with my scary shadow the willingness to even look reveals the simple, elemental nature....that even the dark is haloed in light. when I started playing with the image, it just tickled me that the shadow really did start to look like waves of water- of which we are 70%, right?- while the rest still looked like sand.

Borut said...

Interesting experience!? It would take us too far… Your Indian compatriots, however, call it 'stopping the world' (of ordinary perception) and entering an altered state of awareness!:) Maybe you were on the verge of it!?:) It can be scary!:) I had a similar (preliminary steps only:) experience gazing into a sand path covered by tree shadows four years ago. The ‘incident’ was recorded in a haiku. In ‘my less than humble opinion’, it’s one of the pivotal in a booklet of about 270 that appeared in 2005 under the simple title ‘Haiku’. I'll try to translate the Slovenian original as best as I can!?:)

V peščenih sencah
se osipa na potki
cvet tega sveta

In sandy shadows,
Petals from this world’s flower
Fall off on a path

Inside our hands, outside our hearts said...

This piece is different. When I first read it I thought of the aura that surrounds us and I suppose you could referring to that as well. But I do rather like the way you write this and how the photograph fits in perfectly. Well done.


Janet said...

I would say there's an auric influence. thanks for stopping by:-)