Thursday, October 16, 2008

power of three

three forces
eternal movement
wash me clean

juana molina ~tres cosas


kouji | haiku said...

nice. relaxing. :)

i like how one of the birds just kinda stands there for a while. :)

Bryon said...

Thanks for the much needed breather. vrrry relaxnnn. ;-)

And thanks for letting me play with your haiku kitty. Cracks me up.

Janet said...

Juana Molina opened for a David Byrne show a few years ago in Grand Rapids...I'd not heard of her, but she's an amazing performer from Argentina.

FastDart said...

Juana Molina is just one year younger than you. Beautiful Video, I use to set and watch the these little fellas for hours. Do you know what they are called? <3

Borut said...

Doesn't work on my computer... I'm not a visual kind of person anyway... I'll content myself with your words: To the power of three, then!?

‘Three things in this life are destructive:
Anger, Greed, Self-esteem.*

The Prophet’

Idries Shah, The Way of the Sufi, p. 228.

Janet said...

Borut, if you want to watch the vid try this:

fastdart, you mean the little sandpipers?