Monday, October 13, 2008

clouds line up
michigan blue sky
future rain in rows


Borut said...

Future rains in rows: a true line-up!?:)

kouji | haiku said...

lovely haiku. :)

i think this is one of the most amazing cloud photos i've ever seen. :O

striking... they really are lined up in rows... :O

Janet said...

the sky was just amazing that day. at points the clouds appeared to be an elevated image of the ocean with waves rippling and cresting. and these rows were so very distinct I could not help but notice them begging for my attention.

Bryon said...

Great cloud photo -- speaks volumes. Definitely some unity with the waves going on there.

"I could not help but notice them begging for my attention."

Love that, and ain't it just what nature seems to constantly do: beg for our attention. Ever feel honored that nature wants OUR attention? Like it's screaming "hey you over there... look at me, look at me!"

Janet said...

Bry~ nice to see you:-) yes! the great honor we have of our attention being sought by that beauty.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I love the picture!!

magiceye said...


Dave said...

Very nice, Janet!

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