Thursday, September 18, 2008

handful of nonsense

what is memory
thought collections organized
to tell my stories

who needs an 8-ball
I now foretell my future
by looking backward

death grip number nine

conditioned to believe lies

compliance assured


kouji said...

what is memory indeed.

(your haiku kitty is strangely compelling.) :O

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

the 2nd is my favorite!

Borut said...

Fear makes us cling... Tell me where you come from, and I'll tell you...
A storyteller's future tales!?:)
It is easy (to say it): 8 (perfection) leads to 9 (secret knowledge)!?:)

Janet said...

kouji~ if you mouse over the chest, she purrs:-)

andrew~ the 8 ball is as good a divination tool as any

borut~ we really must have convo on numerology some day. too bad you can't read the fond inflection in my words:-)

FastDart said...

compliance assured
and resistance is futile
says Seven of Nine