Sunday, September 14, 2008


golden hoop
impermanence is

captured here

jewels drip
so reluctantly
see them cling?

googloplexes form
i believe in everything
nothing is sacred

everywhere i look
holiness appears to me
just in the being



kouji said...

fascinating, the use of the word impermanence in that haiku. surprising, but apt.

Borut said...

In ... permanent rapture!?:)

Janet said...

my daughter just got engaged and I went a little camera-happy. this was my attempt to both honor her joy and express a bit of cynicism...

FastDart said...

I was just reading some interesting comments on this theme: What if everything you knew was wrong..
Impermanence and the sacred to not occupy the same place.

Janet said...

lars~ there was a saying from somewhere:
I believe in everything, nothing is sacred
I believe in nothing, everything is sacred

Thinking of that was what brought this up for me....and yes, I have seen the what if? post too. Interesting stuff. What if all things co-exist harmoniously?

kouji said...

joy and cynicism. :) nice. :) both excellently communicated. :)