Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday bike-u

green expanse
turns out to be more like
a rainbow

straddling the line

disoriented turtle

let me help you cross

I’m faster than the

butterfly, but it’s faster

than my camera

brilliant flash of white
a sand hill crane caught my eye

way across the field

now my sigg
has a better view

for the ride

it is true

small things excite me

new bike pack


FastDart said...

Well that sure is a load off my mind.
The turtle was lucky or blessed too.

Janet said...

mr. turtle had a wild ride with me on the bike until I found him a place away from the road

Tikkis said...

Hello Janet, visited your blog!

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I enjoyed all of them! sorry I haven't been here for a while......

Janet said...

tikkis~ thanks for stopping by

andrew~ welcome back:-) I trust all is well with you?

Borut said...

Well packed! A visionary journey through small things: the green of our nature; the rainbow of our inner energy rising; the turtle of longevity; the butterfly of transformation; new perceptive possibilities opening in the empty self; and the axiomatic return to the circular movement of our ordinary awareness!?:))

Janet said...

Wow! that's downright yummy, Borut.

Dr. Jay SW said...

Some great ones here--particularly the butterfly one--ain't that true of our wonderful machines? And the green expanse that turns out to be more like a rainbow....