Sunday, April 18, 2010

thing of beauty

Today's post is inspired by "carry on tuesday" prompt #49

innocence of youth
grabs your attention without
really trying to

natural movements
uninhibited by fear,
such amazing grace

a thing of beauty~
can it be captured and held?
we all must grow up


borut said...

The neighbour’s garden:
So many little children…
Whose birthday is it!?

Janet said...

if we pay attention, each day is a birthday. the trick is to maintain that joy of living in the moment, and still gain a sense of maturity. I'm still working on it. :-)

borut said...

Little children are life-like!:)

Anonymous said...

we must all grow up
but sometimes we can let go
be a child again.

gautami tripathy said...

We don't have to grow up!

a blow

Creativity!! said...

Excellent Write Up !!!!

Janet said...

yes, we can retain child-like wonder even in adult hood. but unwillingness to grow up is a big part of (american) society's problem. people don't want to be accountable for themselves.

sg beatty said...

all the children of all the species in the world are a joy
that never changes

Whitesnake said...

What is the point of being an adlut if ya cant be childish.
We should never grow up!