Monday, April 5, 2010

no crying over spilt beets

no time to eat lunch
back into the bag it goes
with cash deposits

to the bank teller:
there's no blood on this money
just some red beet juice


borut said...

Oh, man of high aims,
Money is our inner worth,
Stained by assumptions.

Janet said...

good one, Borut :-)

Here's the story behind the haiku:

Friday I had taken a big ol' beet in a plastic container to work for lunch. My work was so absorbing that I never got around to eating it. When it was time to leave, it got popped back into my bag that transports everything to and from work. Also in the bag were two work bank deposits I was going to take care of on the way home.

When I got to the bank I pulled the deposit bags out of my bag and they were dripping with blood red beet juice! Apparently the container was not tightly sealed and had leaked. You should have seen me scrambling in the car for a napkin to clean up the bags before going into the bank. I was worried the beet juice might have gone in through the zipper and soaked the cash and checks. Luckily it had not.

Nevertheless, I found myself explaining to the puzzled, but very kind teller, that I had tried to clean all the beet juice off the vinyl deposit envelopes, but had not succeeded.

Me: Have you ever had beets?
Teller: No, what do they taste like?
Me: Very sweet and yummy.
Teller: I heard they taste like dirt.
Me: No way! They're nature's candy!

Anyway, it was a conversation I never expected to have in a bank.

borut said...

Ha, ha, a great miniature picture of life greater than fiction!:)There’s something in this story, possibly: Serve (humanity), and you'll be served (like a human being!?:))

borut said...

Thinking of it, it could also be about another great theme: The 'container' and the 'content'. The way we deal with our inner selves (deposits) on a daily basis!?:)

sg beatty said...

a good story (funny). I like the way you turned it into a Haiku

Henrique Pimenta said...

Agradável - e com um humor...