Saturday, April 10, 2010

real or memorex

bald guy in hot pink

plays god in a french movie
see him leap buildings

bright yellow undies
my mind fills in all the blanks
dreams of orange peel

tiny camera emerges
from fragrant fresh-cut flowers
rose colored glasses

random neurons fire
building bridges in my mind
real or memorex?

stretched out on the bed
how long have I been awake?
is it morning yet?


Stan Ski said...

Some mornings are like this - where do those dreams come from...?

Janet said...

I still remember the dream from 25 years ago where I was up in a tree, eating blueberry pie....where do they come from indeed?

Greyscale Territory said...

I have overlays of Superman + attachments + a flying pink elephant! From your dream I see a dream! Amazing collection of haikus!

sg beatty said...

sounds a lot like a LSD dream but I am told that some people dream in vivid color...nice writing

Anonymous said...

Oh dreams. Weird weird weird dreams. I had my weirdest ones while I was pregnant with my oldest child. But fish shrinking as it flops down the stairs of the house you grew up in does not really make a good poem. (Although it might be fun to try). :)

Marinela Reka said...

Enjoyable collection of haikus, thanks for sharing :)

marinela x x

borut said...

Vivid imagery. For rose (colored) glasses of concentration!:)

Note: In Arabic, 'rose' is homonymous with 'concentration'

gautami tripathy said...

Love the dream..

mystical dawn

Janet said...

Borut: I could lose my concentration from roses. :-)

Peggy Jo said...

Haiku is so much fun...sort of like wacky dreams after eating something stange before going to never know what vivid images may arise in that middle ground between sleep and being fully awake.