Friday, April 2, 2010

kissed by the universe

early morning sun
peeps over the garden fence
kissing daffodils

warm breeze ruffles fur
kitty in the windowsill
he's kissed by the wind

stopped at the red light
a stranger blows me a kiss
I smile and drive on


Anonymous said...

A stranger blew you a kiss! And then you blew us all a haiku kiss.. What a day!

borut said...

A lot of kissing going on over there! BTW, I had two cats just like that, one after another. They were both named Max - after the hero of Castaneda’s feline saga from his Journey to Ixtlan!:)

Janet said...

this is Wingnut, also known as "Lord of the Manor". the humble humans are his staff, permitted by sheer graciousness to attend to his every whim.

kissing is one of the best things around- I try to experience it in as many forms as possible.


Henrique Pimenta said...

Cenas em que o cotidiano se desfaz em luz... SensĂ­veis - cenas, essĂȘncia, vida!