Saturday, May 2, 2009

small things
pushing up mountains

act on faith

cheerful blooms
sprinkled in the lawn

they taste sweet

stamens arch
contrast against the

bright color


borut said...

This is life!:) Examining the last one, what comes to my mind is the Eagle – the force that guides all living being on Earth, according to the terminology and seeing of Amerindian seers. It is described as an immense blackness reaching into infinity. Luminous (Eagle’s) emanations (I would say the living forms of everything that exists) shoot out of it. The red fringe of the flower suggests the process of a descent into successive levels of ever more gross materiality…

Janet said...

and I just thought it looked like a moth's head ;-)

In my time of practicing shamanism, Eagle was known as the messenger of spirit, the one who carries prayers to Great Spirit. Eagle feathers are very sacred and powerful in healing ceremony and SunDance.

Black as the color of West/Earth; Red as color of South/Water; and Yellow as the color of East/Fire.

Devika said...

Wonderful ones, Janet
still i sometimes fail to read the depths involved,

I was reading Borut's and your comments :)