Sunday, May 17, 2009

forces of nature

shocked awake by light
while pleading with thunderstorms
illusions shattered


Devika said...

Nature creates illusions, art thrives on it, science destroys it! :)

good one, Janet


Janet said...

Truth destroys illusions, nature guides us, and art is another way of trying to express it.

All things eventually lead to truth whether we notice or not.

Devika said...

Oh so true, Janet :)

I never fail to notice it, as much as I can...But to live the truth is so testing at times!

But then, when love lies at the core of the all could have been so easy...But do not know why, Janet....feel so hopeless at times!

anyway, between ifs and is something to be lived with love...can't afford to waste time thinking too much! :)