Monday, April 27, 2009

free as a bird

a blessing or curse
it's all about perspective

notice the options

open the window

let in fresh air this morning

the breeze caresses me

bluebirds are singing

their song is a blessed sound

or just annoying


Devika said...

Yes Janet, its all a perspective,

nice series, :)


Janet said...

Thanks Devika. Indeed we hold the keys to our jail cells and are the only ones who can open the doors.

Devika said...

Having had quite a bit of free-flight (for 32 years of my I was absolutely free; though my idea of freedom may not match with your conventions),

I have decided its better to be chained....for the sanity of my mind! :)

and sadly Janet, it was this kind of an advice from a writers group (a part of politico-cultural org) back in my home town, that took me through dangerous terrains..where I almost lost myself in my early twenties! :)

anyway, I respect your opinion, Janet


Janet said...

I am not in the position to advise any but myself, Devika:-) This blog is partly my creative outlet and partly how I'm working through my own shit. The exhortations are to my own spirit. If they ring true to another that's fine; if not I'm not at all offended.
I enjoy your visits and comments.

FastDart said...

I flow easily
only a flip of the coin
rising and falling