Monday, May 25, 2009


sand, water, my feet

dance together on the shore
perfect harmony

my haiku
washed away by waves

somehow in nature
I feel perfection expressed
and don't resist it

waves leave lines
art need not be made
yet it calls

marine blue sparkles
cross currents celebrating
a gorgeous palette

wrongness is
in the eye of the


[lou reed~ perfect day]


Devika said...

Oh some wonderful additions, here since i was here last...

'wrongness is
in the eye of the

I liked that much...and more than beauty, eyes these days are 'trained' to behold wrongness....even when it isn't there --

i think suspicion is at the base of it!

i talked about that may be because i am often troubled by those eyes...the whole series is good :)

borut said...

Fully into the art of living!?:)

Janet said...

Devika~ glad you enjoyed them. yes our training is terribly off the mark. and I would agree suspicion is a large factor. but even under that, there is fear.

Borut~ nice to see you. the art of living is a full time effort. until we leave the access in the dustbin and are (en)lightened up;-)

Anonymous said...

Great one, Janet! I feel the same way re: perfection in easy to not resist it there.

Nice ending, too....great work!


Janet said...

Thanks good woman. Why am I not surprised that you could relate?