Friday, February 13, 2009

what would happen if
I put all my shoes away?
obstacle course gone!

who can clear the path
but the one who wants to hike?
the trail is open


Anonymous said...

the trail is open....this haiku opens my heart. :)

Janet said...

big smile Kathy:-)

Borut said...

There’s Sufi tale told by Idries Shah in ‘The Commanding Self’: In it a man would not part with his old, worn-out sandals. They started to cause him all sorts of troubles. But when he finally tried to get rid of them, he was always unsuccessful… This saga of trials and tribulations lasted until, exasperated, he decided to buy a new pair. And, as if by some magic, all problems with the old pair of sandals ceased on the spot.

Janet said...

That is perfectly apropo for where I am right now, Borut- lovely.

Devika said...

That covers the journey called life, no Janet?

Borut's comment too is interestings..sometimes its just our habit thats the obstacle..


Janet said...

devika~ yes!