Wednesday, February 4, 2009

puzzling evidence

puzzling evidence

colors mix and match
peeling bark tells a story

edges fit together

this map of the world

reveals hidden mysteries

continents collide


Devika said...

WOW! That was brilliant, Janet..

Just brilliance :)


Janet said...

thanks Devika- it just looked like a map to me.

Devika said...

Yeah it looks like that :)

I just loved the way, you worked on it :)


Matangi Mawley said...

really good imagination!

Janet said...

nice to meet you Matangi

Borut said...

Reminded me of Gondwana, the continent from which, after separating, India, Africa and South America supposedly emerged… Related information of some interest can be found in Tahir Shah's 'Beyond the Devil's Teeth (!?:)

Janet said...

Yes!!! That's what it made me think of too:-)

FastDart said...

Emitting a squeak
your mind is a wonderland
I'm digging the lens

Janet said...

hi squeaky, did you check the vid link?

Bryon said...

You've got an amazingly receptive eye for beautiful patterns/textures.

I like the continental reference. Have to admit though, I'm starting to see faces.

Janet said...

If you look long enough, you'll find Waldo;-)