Saturday, February 28, 2009

what a drag

what slows me down more?

the wind caused by my running
or hiding roadside?

pulled into my lungs
air movement forced by suction
might not work the best


Devika said...

Oh sounds a difficult race, Janet

But, its Spring time
take a deep breath and freshen up :))

kidding, they are good one; that wind was here last week! :)


Janet said...

yes, Devika. especially when there's really no "there" to get to, eh?

I'm enjoying fresh mountain breezes and feeling fine.

Devika said...


Thats life --
the end point is death--
Would you want to reach it any faster? :)

But, I would say "Yes", even as I enjoy evey bit of life..

Nice to know you are feeling fine..

"fresh mountain breezes" - I envy you this moment, writing dull business reports :)