Tuesday, February 24, 2009


greeting the

unfamiliar greens

of Portland

look closely

there's a universe

in the moss

shiny crows

ignore me as they

peck at grass

the sky spits
shades of silver gray

now I'm damp


FastDart said...

Sounds and looks just like Portland.
Thought you might enjoy this:
Enjoy :-)

Devika said...

Hi Janet,

Lovely set, all

i specifically liked:

look closely
there's a universe
in the moss

and "the sky spiting shades of silver gray" --

A terrific imagery, Janet :)


Janet said...

Larry, thanks for the link! I drove over that bridge just yesterday. fun:-)

Devika, the green of Portland, has so many variations, it's like a rainbow unto itself...wet and beautiful.

Borut said...

Well captured!:)