Monday, January 26, 2009

what do women want?
though I would not speak for all
we have common ground

the Earth is fertile
mysterious and layered
explore it gently


Anonymous said...

Oh this is beautiful! fertile....mysterious...layered.
O Gentle Exploration!

Borut said...


Spinning tales of times,
The Earth hides her mysteries:
An onion of sorts!?:)

Janet said...

magic of onions
first they make the eyes water
cooked slowly turn sweet:-)

Devika said...

That is what I too have to ask, Janet. :)

I just need my poetry,
btw, we have exchanged many communciation at Borut..But today seems the day to reach you :)

will keep visiting...Good poem :)


Devika said...

True Janet, hind sight helps...

In my case, I sometimes -- at the worst of times, i should say -- get biased by experiences of myself and others, too...

& that I feel isn't too good...But it doesn't stay for long...

Archives -- i do read whenever I have time, Janet. :)


Janet said...

(sigh) yes, bias... I think it cannot be avoided, but hopefully, we learn to recognize it and nip it in the bud as we can.

warmly, ~J

Devika said...

I try doing it Janet,

But as we learn to live more and more, we learn to believe that the our experiences are eternally right, Janet...

in effect, hind sight and bias isn't too good or too bad.

Yet life and beliefs keeps changing :)

warm regards,