Sunday, January 4, 2009

washing my hands

bound by laws
written on my palm
who wrote them?

what happens
if I wash my hands
of old rules?

water runs
ink washes away
I'm free now


Borut said...


Sounds magical! Could be a magical purification rite!?:) Be that as it may, our feet (actual personal power available to each individual at any particular moment) may still continue to walk down the well-trodden ways of tradition, personal preferences etc. Christ it was, I think, who suggested – could be for the above said reason – that by washing the feet the totality of the human being will be purified!?:) There’s a strange connection here with ideas of Amerindian seers: Their claim is that ‘the glow of awareness’, a thin layer covering man’s energy body, is in the ordinary man now only present on his feet. The rest has been ‘eaten away’, so to say… If true, their idea implies, that, effectively, man is aware through his feet only… Thus, these should be the first, actually the only part of the body worth purifying, according to Christ, to increase one’s awareness.

Janet said...

borut~ for me this was about noticing the "rules" I self impose and the limitations they convey...a recognition that it is I who must wash them away to find the freedom to walk without constraints.

ooh yes! da' feet, da' feet. the point of contact with the solidity of earth and the physical reality.
feel free to move from head to toe, my friend.

when my daughter went through rites of passage, the final part of the ceremony included her washing my feet in gratitude and respect.

FastDart said...

Sweet Haiku,

written on my hand
I have eaten from the drum
washing down the drain

It's worth the effort
I have drunk from the cymbal
the water was sweet.