Tuesday, January 26, 2010

hidden in plain sight

hidden in plain sight
soften your focus to see
camouflaged message

smuggling donkeys
a great job for the Mulla
they search but don't find

cats' wisdom beats mine
blending in where they want to
they find their way home

I stay home
not speaking about
the journey


borut said...

Rather stay at home:
to start the journey, one needs
the beginner’ mind…!?:)

From: Less Than a Beginner Press

Janet said...

the beginner's mind:
don't overflow too quickly
keep an empty cup

borut said...

Would you ‘drink’ from Truth!?
Empty the glass of yourself
Filled with man-made truths!?:)

Janet said...

the glass of one's self
is life's work

a full life
leads to emptiness
and the reverse

borut said...

So existential:
Life is getting meaningless…
And I'm so empty.

The shallow poet
Working at the letter 'I'
(Sir Richard Burton)*

*Himself a Sufi (In his Kasidah)

Janet said...

an eye for an I
looking to see the moment
stop trying so hard


borut said...

An eye for an I:
There are myriads of selves…
I will follow You!:)