Wednesday, January 13, 2010

am I awake yet?
the old eternal question
keeps me on my toes


Devika said...

the question -- if the cat was a he or a she? -- to take Borut's words :)

its been long i've been here, Janet...and you too seem busy? :)

sis i wish you for the New Year...can't remember...anyway, May 2010 bring all good to you :)


borut said...

Am I awake yet?
I think I must be dreaming…
Thank God, I’m asleep!?:)

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. That question does keep us on our tippy tippy toes. We'll be ballerinas before we know it!

Janet said...

borut~ are we a butterfly dreaming we are a human, or a human dreaming of being a butterfly? does it matter?:-)

kathy~ LOL puts a whole new spin on the ol' tutu....