Wednesday, November 25, 2009

why only one day?

happiness lives where
gratitude for all that is
is expressed fully

why only one day?
searching for my abundance
I see it right here!

smells and memories
of savage past indulgence
tasty little lies

reconcile the past
with over indulgence now
I'm so full of it


borut said...


No here and now.
The past is fully present
In tomorrow’s dreams!?:(

Devika said...

This makes it...Let me now call it a day :)

Good set Janet :)


Janet said...

borut~ that one turns me in a circle:-)

Devika~ tomorrow is the day of overeating turkey and other stuff to "celebrate" how my ancestors survived a bitter winter in a new land. they then went on to exterminate their gracious hosts.

something always dies so something else can eat:-)

Devika said...

Yes, I know what you mean....They say You can't have the cake and eat it too....Well, i'm not that greedy...but sometimes i am made to ask -- why not?? ha! :)

The new land of yours seems to have been overeating since then....that most of them are overweights and trying to get back their shape and form in the gym! --thats the idea our commercials give of the US....a good number of them, selling those health and fitness stuff :)


Devika said...

Oh forgot,

Happy Thanksgiving, Janet -- eat a little less of a little for the 'young turks'!! :)


Janet said...

D- for me there's a huge ambivalence regarding this national holiday because of what it truly represents- and how far I think we have mostly come from knowing true gratitude. how can it be corralled into one day of feasting unhealthily? better to practice gratitude daily in small ways by honoring the health of our bodies and the land.

okay, done preaching now:-)

Devika said...


Happy Thanksgiving, Janet :)


centria said...

reconcile the past with over-indulgence. now i'm so full of it. (That line speaks to me this morning, Janet.)

Janet said...

Kathy~ my quest for emptiness continues; how about yours? :-)

FastDart said...

Anyone who isn't confused,
really doesn't understand the situation. ~ Edward R. Murrow

Anthony Souls said...

I think the last two haiku's captures the beauty of the poem.


Janet said...

Thanks Anthony:-)

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