Sunday, November 1, 2009

fear of landmines

avoiding land mines
what is non-negotiable?
it's all up to me

do not draw the line
unless you're willing to play
this is scary stuff


Devika said...

Scaring the readers, Janet?? :)

out of the hot-water pot
the cat looks around
for hotter! :)

its winter after all! :))


Janet said...

this came from a conversation about relationships and the notion of dividing things up by importance:
-doesn't matter

there's then sometimes a reluctance to name the non-negotiable for fear of setting off a storm -- or landmine.

of course this is a clear example of where attachment plays a part.

Devika said...

I am trying to understand, I must say, Janet

can't get to know where landmines lie in relationships -- to me its a peaceful coexistence if all relationships are in their slots -- thats to say in the family...

relationships/attachments with friends and others -- For me its like, if one needs me today I am there tomorrow also, if tomorrow is given to me.....If one doesn't need me today..I wasn't there since yesterday :)

No other terms of negotiation have i been to,


Janet said...

Lucky you, Devika, to always have peace and satisfaction in your relationships. I'm impressed:-)

Devika said...



Lulubelle B said...

greetings to you too
haiku-ish format allows
more than one first thinks