Tuesday, October 20, 2009

all bets are off

an invitation
for those who don't feel this love:
start spinning right now

come on in
just open your mouth
and say hoo!

dervish foot
toe finds the center
turn from there

borders dissolving
no more winners or losers
all bets are off then!


borut said...

I see, oh, I see: the naked body of truth … in the art of striptease!?:)

Janet said...

when all is stripped away
perhaps there's nothing to see
hoo boy! keep looking


Devika said...

I love the comments as much as the sets, Janet :)

that was real fun...each one of it :)


Janet said...

thanks devika~ glad you enjoyed the twirl:-)

Devika said...

I did, really....and how to bring Borut out of his cave!

God find us a way!
after all those twists and twirls he made through the poems...starting with a red admiral on rotten apples, he is gone...and we are back to square one,


Janet said...

like nature, has its own time
we must let it be

Devika said...

Yes, thats reasonable :)

as we said of being unattached...so goes with patience, in my case...I'm most at times and the least :)