Sunday, October 25, 2009

5 things I love- (I don't normally play these games)

I've been tagged again
and only do it for y
consider it done

creating haiku
these seventeen syllables
dancing through my soul

the feel of fresh wind
caressing my whole body
pedaling like the wind

floating in the lake
remembering my own birth
at one with water

sharing the kitchen
I'll chop, you add some spices
we'll cook a great meal

opening focus
to find the last puzzle piece
solving mysteries


Devika said...

ha! this world of haiku takes me to my own feminine sphere of
nature, cooking and poetry :)

Nice tag Janet...nicely done :)


Janet said...

You're tagged then Devika. Let's see yours :-)

Devika said...

Oh no!! i took only one tag so far,

okay, because its you i'll do....possibly by many things that i need to see which to reveal :)


Janet said...

I understand. I don't play the tag game usually either. But because of who tagged me I did it:-)

Devika said...

it was nice :)