Wednesday, August 19, 2009

trying to see

maybe I'm afraid
that it won't be what I thought
if I look closely

scales fall from my eyes
beauty of the morning light
I thought it was night

keep trying to see
something that is just not there
that's pretty silly


Borut said...

A ‘plane truth’ from the ‘seer in me’:)

Again, a bright light!
Again, it’s moving, closer.
Again, not a star.

Devika said...

Nice set, Janet
makes complete sense to me, :)


Janet said...

Borut- thanks for flying in to shine a little light

something approaching
unknown manifestations
soon hit the runway

nice to see you Devika:-)

Anonymous said...

Trying to see,ba thousand times, a million times, scrunching our heads in the effort of it all...

Trying to see what's already there. It wears us out. Polishes us smooth like Great Lakes rocks.

Right now someone is picking us up and throwing us out into the waves, and we're skipping skipping skipping across the smooth morning waters.

Janet said...

Sweet! Skipping through the day, I was glad to find your comment, Kathy.