Sunday, August 9, 2009

a temporary sidetrack into politics

behind that smile a

very dangerous woman
stirring up trouble

not afraid to quit
too bad she ever started
Alaskans were duped

phony patriot
so full of contradictions
wave that flag some more

expensive wardrobe

somehow seems perfect for a
political whore

I hear an echo
hello!! anybody in there?
Sarah's empty head

the best thing she did
was provide beat poetry
for Shatner to read


Devika said...

ha! a politically debatable series....but i don't take to debates :)

your point of view is always interesting, Janet :)

"political whore" -- wonderful coinage...could use for many here :)


borut said...

Excellent choice! After all, haiku is all about emptiness!?:)

BTW: Word Verifications says 'zeratica'. Erratic zero!?:)

Janet said...

hi Devika...I was invited to submit to a haiku contest about Sarah Palin and those were my entries. I think political whores are a global phenomena, and not gender specific.


do we need them to exist?
or just to comment?

Devika said...

good to know that Janet,

ofcourse I know it isn't a gender specific term, but then fingers are only pointed at women, atleast in India :)


Janet said...

Devika~ you raise the valid point that in politics, as in many other places, women are held to a different standard than men. It pains the feminist in me to criticize women leaders, but this one deserves it.

Okay, getting off the soapbox now and off to look for some pretty flowers;-)

Devika said...

And i know what you mean, Janet

so flowers are your interest...mine too :)


Slippery said...

Hi Janet,

Your 8/9 haiku was uncharacteristically mean spirited.
Also, don't you mean Nancy instead of Sarah?

FastDart said...

I hope you placed in the contest...
Outstanding observations as always.
Grrrr :-)

Janet said...

Slippery~ I stand by my lines. Don't know who Nancy would be.

Larry~ Thanks for stopping by. There were hundreds of contest entries- (many much more crude than mine, Slippery)- and it was a voting contest. My check for $20.12 never arrived...(sniff) No matter, it was fun.