Friday, July 4, 2008

Where the wild things are

a small flock of birds

rose from last night’s puddle in

symphonic lift-off

I raced the ground hog
and kicked his furry ass
with my longer legs

the rusty metal
with mysterious blue wires

somehow caught my eye

each image captured
proves my dominance over
mosquito forces

message from
my heart was found nailed
to a tree

advice to chipmunk
who barely avoided my wheels:
look before crossing

who can doubt
the amazing power
of green things?

are well guarded by
leaves of three

dry portage
around fallen trees
on the path

sweet lavender vetch
interrupts the green expanse
urges me to rest

with all this beauty
surrounding, enfolding me
how could I feel sad?


Paul Plamondon said...

I see you, Janet. I even restarted my blogspot blog thanks to you!

Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by Paul.

Dave said...

Wow, you were on a roll. Great imagery, your marriage of words and photos. Thanks!

Janet said...

Thanks Dave. It's a test of my powers of memory to get the inspirations while biking and just hope to remember once I get home...taking the photos helps.

Borut said...

I like the way you write haiku, and that's it. Photos included!!:)

Janet said...

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Bryon said...

the amazing power of green things. ain't that the truth! things grow where they can, in cracks, crevices, holes, even in other green things. go ahead, just try and stop 'em.

Janet said...

thanks's like when you go to the desert and in the middle of seeming lifelessness, there is a small tree or a bush or some grass. a testimony to the tenacious nature of life!