Sunday, July 20, 2008

3 hours in Atlanta

cheery children's art
blesses the walls with color
lifting my spirit

don't drop your monkey
little girl runs joyfully
toward security

eye exercises
cube unfolds

patterns emerging
from different angles
worn floral carpet

hustle & bustle
gives way to emptiness
contemplating you

rows of chairs
waiting to be filled
I'm here first

one peg is missing
from the crooked table leg
my coffee splashes

trying to decide
if familiarity
really breeds contempt

endless oldies loop
should solve that mystery soon
where's my mp3?

3 books in my bag
philosophy, magic, food
pretty much the same

the meaning of life
found perched on a mountain top
or in a teacup

cosmic joke
so serious it
makes me laugh

domino affect
single truth starts the cascade
a light bulb moment


Bryon said...

"It's turtles all the way down!"

Janet said...

I see you've met the platypus...;-)

Borut said...

I like it, the way you write:

cosmic joke
so serious it
makes me laugh