Monday, December 21, 2009

under construction

some things are ending
and others just beginning
the wheel keeps turning

boxes filled and emptied
open arms five blocks away
a new vista waits


Devika said...

Nothing ever ends is or lost, its all conserved and recycled! :)

so says science and my mind too...

Good to see you posting after a long gap, Janet :)

Merry Christmas!


Janet said...

Hi Devika~

Nice to see you too. I've been very busy with buying a house, packing and making ready to move. It's been hectic. The Solstice is such a good time for the movement. Letting go of the darkness and moving forward into the new light.

Devika said...

Okay, Janet -- thats good news :)

And on new light -- some ask how do we know light, if theresn't any, carry some with you! :)

hey kidding...Best wishes :)

Janet said...

the cycle never ends, so it's not really a matter of taking darkness with. It's really a lovely thing if we can align with it instead of fighting.

Devika said...

One of our poet philosopher's says...

Light is so painful
In Darkness lies solace! :)

howsoever, one got to live his/her predestined peacefully, live happily....Live and Let Live :)


borut said...

Under construction:
The way from darkness to light
That no bat would tread!?:)

Devika said...

Wish you and all in the family a Very Happy New Year Janet :)